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Key Benefits:

  • 100% Fresh

  • 100% Natural – No Artificial Ingredients!

  • 100% Pure Flour

  • 100% Fresh Eggs & Buttermilk, sourced locally!

  • 100% Handmade, using only the finest, highest quality, natural ingredients

  • 100% Artisan – Real bread made by master bakers!

  • 100% Local & Irish – Made in Kenmare, renowned for its Pure, Natural, wholesome foods!

  • Dairy Free Bread

  • Sugar Free Bread

  • Vegetarian Approved

  • Good Shelf Life – Yet No Artificial preservatives!

Healthier Breads - No Preservatives

Breads                     Health Bread           Buns & Rolls          Bracks                    Others


Sliced White               Brown Soda                 Vienna Rolls             Brack                   Sultana Cake

(800g/400g)                                                                                     (800g/400g)

Sliced Brown               Seed Loaf                    Burger Buns             Tea Cake             

(800g/400g)                                                   (Wholemeal)

Half Pans                   Sliced Skulls                                                   Fruit Log               

(400g)                 (Brown, Multigrain, Corn)   

Crusty Sliced                                                                                       


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